Welcome to Banguskahn Mixing. We offer professional Mixing and Mastering that will- with your request- give a unique sound to the recording while keeping in the Broadcast Quality 

category. A 3 day timeline is offered for the agreement so everybody knows what to expect. At times a project can be ready 

in one day. We'll keep the communication open so we know what is going to happen time wise as well as mixing wise. So communication is good just to make sure that You are

happy with the product. 2 revisions are available per mix. The mixed and the mastered file will be given through Box.com Dropbox.com or WeTransfer, whatever works best.

Before purchasing all our clients can preview a song first that is non-downloadable until the decision would be made to buy, at that point all the mixed and mastered files and

any pertaining to your project will be transferred to You. There is no infringement at all on your works. We don't ask for a percentage of what you create, needless to say, there will

be no percentage asked nor taken on your rights unless otherwise specified and agreed between parties concerned. 

The Guitar tracks offered are live guitar tracks played in how it is specified, clean, distorted , effects heavy or other preferences . My specialty is soloing

but rhythmic and other types of playing are available as well. All guitar tracks will be royalty free, they are yours to keep and do as you want with them and I will

not take any percentage unless specified by Your permission.

Please check out as many feature as you can. For now there is a montage of music mixing and one for the guitar playing in the Music button on this site.